Monday, December 7, 2009


too much energy..... 
people say "use it creatively"..... now that's an idea!!!!!
but don't we need creativity to use the energy ???!!
well, that was just a thought.....

so conveniently we form an opinion, create an image,and expect everyone to behave exactly in that way....
and when they do what they do,because that is what they want to do.....
we get hurt,angry, disappointed...
we draw the line for others to walk on,our perception of the other.....
its our problem!!!!!

you know, i have never been bothered by people's perception of me
somebody asked me "why does everything that you do surprise people??"
"surprises me" i said!!!!!

we create our own sorrows!!!!!!
too much has been said about life
too much has been said about being 
too much emphasis laid on the way to be
too much importance has been given to self
too much crap all around us, and
much more inside........

just once remove yourself from the frame of life,
step back, retract, watch, 
everything that had assumed mammoth importance dissolves.....

nothing actually matters!!!!!

TIME PASS.............

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Off late i have taken a fancy to spirituality...... oh my God!!!  yes truly.. 
well u see an empty mind is a devil's workshop.....
but in my case i am trying/wanting to understand the other phenomenon "GOD".....
brave heart, me.

Well, the more you try to understand the more complicated it gets.....
all the things that we know/knew, and now, because of our new found intelligence, question, only help to serve one purpose.... 

makes our understanding more un-understood!!!!

Confused???? lets try and make it simpler..

All these years without thinking, without questioning, without doubting, i believed.
now when i felt that i should understand.... the questions don't have satisfying answers!!!! 

'LOVE' is a very convenient tag we have given, to the most selfish emotion....
when we say "I am in Love"... everything is expected to be forgiven, forgotten, accepted and resolved.
Similarly i feel we take refuge in "GOD"... 
when we say there is a greater, more superior power, controlling everything that happens to us or everything that we do, 
Ahhh... the immediate relief of clearly absolving ourselves from our lives!!!!!! 

Wait let me try and tie up the two things better,
like love, i feel, belief is also a "safety net" a "security blanket"... 

sorry cannot elaborate ... this is a debate!

Anyway there are two ways of looking at this , 
either you simply fear what you don't understand..... and live
or you believe that "ignorance is bliss" and leave....

What makes sense to me today, is that the best way "to be" is simply... 

"just be...."

one step at a time!!!!!

p.s. thank God for small mercy's!!!!!!
psst.... me and my thinking mind!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"To make God laugh, tell Him your plans"

Do u plan your days? Do you do exactly as you plan? how many times have you felt that you have no control over what is happening despite planning to the "T'? and finally don't you enjoy the spontaneity of your life????? I am sure there is no one who does not like surprises

I have lived my life so far with just one philosophy.....
"what ever has to happen will happen!!!"and

"what ever happens, happens for the best..."

at the time when It is happening, It may not seem like the best thing or U may not understand ,"WHY ME!!!!!". we wail.
We fret, fume, sketch, scheme, stress, all in vain..we cannot control things around us.

There is Someone up there watching.

He knows us better than we do ourselves, He knows what we need more than we do,

and He has a plan.

It is most rewarding to watch, in anticipation, while life takes over.

The upside to this realisation, this surrender, is that we all become this eager surfer ready with the surfboards, and the sun tan lotion, waiting to enjoy the ocean, the breeze, the salty water and an occasional dolphin......

P.S: word of advice..... practise holding your breath, will be needed when you go under the

"BIG ONE"!!!!!!!.... COULD HAPPEN!!!!!!!

P.S.S: He has a great sense of humour and needs His occasional laugh!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The dance called "LIFE......."!!!!!!
every day i discover new space, every day i travel....
i feel like i have a one way ticket to "LIFE" and the ride is fascinating.......

i started with a slow crawl, grazed knees, wailing at dinner time.
baby foot.... one step at a on woobly feet was also a welcome change.

The posters on the walls are advertising only one destination, one great spot, the only place to go to,the only place every one wants to be,the only place to stop..THE HAPPINESS LAND......
and the way to reach....uncomplicated, without any road bumbs and speedbreakers....simple,
all u have to do is to think u r there.....and wowie u are!!!!!!

my travel till here has been..... quite......a laugh!!!!!!!
laughing with myself...
this is the most important lesson of my journey......laugh, it is really miraculous.... magical......
any thing that is troubling u, anything that seems like the "end"of it.... anything at all.
try it and see for yourself......back off for a sec, throw your head back,
and....aaaaahhhahahhahahhouuuahuuhooooooo......L A U G H!!!!!!!
immediately u will feel the weight of your burden lift,
dissolved in this magical portion,
and you will get a glimce of my world.